Getting a fair assessment of your website is difficult. What would make your site more effective at helping your business get more customers?

  • Do you need to build an entirely new site or can you overhaul what you currently have?
  • What is a realistic budget and timeline?
  • Are there cost saving strategies that may let you contribute your elbow grease to keep costs down?
  • How do you avoid getting “locked in” to vendors and verify the claims of what they are offering you?

Cultivate, is a nonprofit that helps locally owned businesses by providing an independent and unbiased perspective. We offer years of experience in digital marketing and business management to companies seeking an honest evaluation of their website.

Schedule your one-hour session and get an unbiased assessment of your current website based on your business goals. This insight offers guidance and recommendations for improving your digital marketing. Cultivate can also make referrals to partners who specialize in the services you need and provide strategic advice to reduce expenses by performing specific steps yourself. All website assessments are in-person at our Cultivate Business Centers.

Website Review & Consultation $250

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What makes Cultivate Different? Website Review & Consultation

Many digital marketing companies are competing for your business. If you receive the same type of sales emails that we do, there are offers and promises to improve websites in various ways. These offers range from boosting the ranking and improving the SEO to possessing secret insight into Google’s next move. These companies may be able to help, but the reality is that they are selling a service.

That is the difference between the Website Review & Consultation we offer. Cultivate is a nonprofit that provides expertise and advice to small businesses in various areas like digital marketing. We are not selling a service but will give you an honest assessment of your current website and advice about improving it.

If website improvements are needed, we can provide referrals. We have professional partners who align with our methodology and can help you achieve the desired results. Or you can take this insight to your current provider.

Whether you are considering a new website, want to improve your existing site or want to see how your website stacks up against your competitors, this assessment is an essential next step and a valuable investment.

Website Review & Consultation Areas

  • Your consultation will include a review of these areas and much more.
  • Appearance – branding, site responsiveness & speed
  • Website Platform – content management system features
  • Integrations – connections to 3rd party platforms or plugins
  • Content – graphics, copy, menu & links
  • Sales Lead Generation – lead flow & lead sources
  • Digital Marketing Budget – ad spend, staff time, vendor expenses

Website Consultation Outcomes

  • This analysis will help answer these questions
  • Do I need a new website, or can you overhaul the existing website?
  • What is a realistic budget & time investment?
  • What vendor referrals can you provide?
  • Strategies to maintain independence from your web developer or marketing agency
  • This review & consultation is a prerequisite to attending our monthly website strategy & implementation workshops hosted at the Cultivate Grove City Business Center.

Who Performs Your Review?

Cultivate Executive Director Matt Yerkes has helped hundreds of Central Ohio companies build their websites. Matt assists small business owners with cost-effective strategies to accomplish their business growth goals. Matt’s project experience ranges from small informational sites to Fortune 500 site strategies & implementations. Matt remains current on these latest web technologies & marketing strategies by creating websites for Cultivate, assisting its members and through his entrepreneurial endeavors. Website expertise includes:

  • Design and development of web-based software platforms
  • Complex plugin and site integrations
  • Hundreds of WordPress implementations.
  • Hosting, site security, domain and DNS best practices
  • Social media campaigns
  • Paid ad campaigns
  • Google Business profile optimization