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Cultivate is an Ohio nonprofit organization that has been advising, training & connecting entrepreneurs since 2016. Signup for your Free Basics Membership that includes INSTANT access to our e-learning library, videos & templates to start, grow & fund your business.

Grow your business with free resources that begin with our 20 point website review & digital marketing analysis. Cultivate will complete your website review and digital marketing analysis and send you a report on how your digital marketing could be improved to build trust with customers.

What makes the Cultivate Growth Strategy Different:

Most customers begin with Google to search for a solution to their problem. Your customer trust building process begins the very first time your business appears in Google. At Cultivate our approach is to help you improve the customer trust building process from Google search to completed sale. Our nonprofit provides:

  • Business trainings that can help any business person improve their digital marketing. We want to invite you to participate in these for free
  • The Growth Track Score & Report. This is the 20 point website review & digital marketing analysis that we create for every Cultivate member that has a website
  • Don’t yet have a website or need a new one? Cultivate offers PRO membership for just $200/mo to help you build a solid digital marketing foundation and website built in WordPress. This option saves our members thousands in upfront costs when they need a new site.