How to Build an Awesome Company Culture and Turn Your Employees into Raving Associates

In this workshop you will get advice and pointers from an experienced CEO and coach, as well as from a panel of business owners who will share their own challenges of what worked well, things they would do differently and tips and recommendations moving forward.  

For this workshop our panel will include:

  • Wes Strickling, CEO, Codex Techworks, IT for Eye Care.
  • Jodie Bare, President and Founder, 4sight Management Solutions, Shining the light on a brighter future.

You will learn:

  • How to energize and motivate your employees.
  • How to build a growth culture that will support your growth strategy

Speaker and Panel Moderator:  Gary Ross is a 5-time CEO and is now coaching CEOs and other executives to help them reach and exceed their growth expectations.  Gary’s new book “The Growth Cube“, is a 6-dimensional strategy to unlock the growth potential of your business, and yourself as a leader.  In monthly workshops throughout 2017, Gary and his panel will break down and discuss with you the specific ideas from The Growth Cube and how you can get them to work in your business!

Pre-registration is required with a $25.00 fee for dinner and handouts.

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