Coworker Collaboratives- Exclusive Collaborations for Coworking Members


Coworker Collaboratives are working sessions to assist our Coworking Members with key areas to improve their business.


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Coworker Collaboratives

Coworker Collaboratives are working sessions to assist our Coworking Members with key areas to improve their business. Coworker Collaboratives let Coworkers learn as much tech as they like and let our Coworker Consultants do the rest. If you are booking your first session then we will use a portion of our time to determine a roadmap of additional sessions and services to reach your goals.

Currently these Coworking Collaboratives are offered exclusively to businesses that have a membership plan at a Central Ohio Coworking space. If you don’t yet have a membership then get started by scheduling a tour at one of our business centers. If you are already a member then fill out an updated discovery assessment and receive a $200 discount code to schedule a session. These sessions focus on one of three key areas.

The Fundamental Questions Entrepreneurs Must Answer to Start or Continue Their Business

In these sessions, we will examine eight key areas of your business and determine the most pressing areas for improvement. This could apply to a businesss that has not started or one that already has customers. 

Create Your Core Marketing Messages and Translate Them Into a Sales Pipeline to Build Trust with Customers

In these sessions, we will explore what your business offers, why customers should buy from you, and what strategies you should use to connect and build trust with customers. This may include copywriting guideance.

Implement Marketing Technology for More Efficient and Effective Customer Relationships

In these sessions we will identify marketing technologies and tactics for your business. This may include helping you to use AI ChatGPT/Bard, customer data collection and analytics, website content, functionality, and more.

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For most of us entrepreneurship is the best opportunity we have to change the trajectory of our lives and impact our families for generations. Creating a business plan is essential to count the cost, weigh your options, and ultimately prepare you for the journey of starting your business.

Boost - Attract more online customers

Maximize the effectiveness of of your marketing messages and attract more customers to your business. Use our step-by-step guide  to create business profile content you can use across all digital marketing channels, including your website, social media, and directory listings.

Grow - Build and Maintain Customer Trust

The most important objective that we have as business owners is to continually add new customers, but many don't know where to start. Explore our process of formulating and implementing a growth strategy to keep building a better business and turn your elbow grease into lasting impacts.

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