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Our mission is to keep your family healthy and provide awesome, affordable veterinary service.

Dr. Ellie Scott purchased Stringtown Animal Hospital in 2004 with the goal of creating a pet care facility that is exceptional at preventing and treating illness. Prior to 2004, Dr. Scott worked as a Relief Veterinarian servicing many veterinary hospitals in central Ohio. She witnessed a large amount of variety in these facilities but noticed the presence of two obstacles at every hospital. The first was a lack of communication with pet parents regarding their pet’s disease risks and how to prevent those conditions. The second was a lack of resources, whether financial, physical, or emotional, that were required when disease occurred and treatment were necessary.
The foundation of Stringtown Animal Hospital was built upon overcoming these two obstacles. By focusing on the individual risks a patient has and the needs of the entire pet family, a pathway to healthier pets, happier clients, and affordable care is created.
We encourage you to interact with us. We want to know your expectations, needs, and concerns so we can develop a unique care plan, together as a team, that will be effective, affordable, and successful.

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