3 Essentials to Substantially Increase Your Business Sales!

  1. Create an effective, measurable sales campaign
  2. Establish a sales office located in or near Columbus
    (Reach 20-50x more customers)
  3. Fast track a plan with our expert sales & digital marketing support

Plans start at $400/mo. Learn more & get started with a free initial growth consultation.


What’s included in the initial growth consultation

  • Review your current growth approach and overview how an effective, measurable sales campaign will benefit your business
  • Discuss your ideal customer and how you can increase prospect connections and increase customers won
  • Review the facility resources, digital marketing tools and sales growth support that is included in our plans

Who is the best fit for our program

  • A business that sells time, skill & knowledge (less ideal are retail/restaurant)
  • Desire to grow significantly and desire some help to reach that goal
  • Don’t currently have a sales office or an effective sales campaign for the Columbus area (work from home, the job site or are located away from their Columbus customers)

How Cultivate Can Help Your Business

Strategic messaging to market your business plus a solid digital marketing foundation built on WordPress & Divi (no up front cost saves you thousands)

Access to capital with guided support, introductions and financial preparation assistance

In-person meeting spaces for private conversations with customers and your team plus a verified Google business address to optimize your local search listing

Socially distanced desk and office spaces for you or your team to collaborate with each other and fellow members of our entrepreneur community

Access up to 4 convenient  central Ohio locations to reach more clients and increased convenience to meet with our business advisors

Types of Entrepreneurs Cultivate Often Serves

Training, consulting and personal coaches that are paid for their knowledge and process.
Contractors and skilled trades that need a business address and space for office tasks and team meetings.
Small creative, technology businesses that need to collaborate with their team and clients.

Nonprofits and social enterprises that need a remote office or have a lean team and facility budget.

Financial planners, wealth managers, CPA and book keepers that need a private place to meet with clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the Sales Offices located?

We offer locations in Columbus, London, Grove City & Pickerington but also support member sales campaigns for those that have an existing office or coworking space for their sales regardless of where they are located in Ohio.

What support is included for a Sales Campaign
  1. We help build/create a great home page and landing pages for your sales campaigns with our digital marketing toolkit. This is included in the plan cost. 
  2. Identify the best ways to your promote the sales campaign to your audience (Google, social media, email marketing, cold calls, networking & referrals)
  3. Optimize your lead capture & nurture with a combination of website forms and personal follow up
  4. Implement analytic/tracking tools to measure campaign results & analyze for areas of improvement with our advisors
What is your digital marketing toolkit

We recognize that most small businesses do not have a self-editable website platform that is capable of creating Google friendly landing pages. Most of the “do it yourself” platforms only offer limited integration with the best analytic tools to measure and track results (Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Mail Chimp integration, etc). Our digital marketing toolkit includes a fully hosted and supported WordPress website. We do the hard part for you and assist in the development of your key sales messages. There is still plenty of work required on your part since you are the subject matter expert for your business however we have created steps to this process to move it forward. You do not need any special technology skills. 

What if I change my mind and want to cancel?

All plans are month to month so you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel with just 10 days notice before the end of the month. 

What qualifies Cultivate to provide sales support

Most of the Cultivate sales support is provided by our Founder Matt Yerkes. Matt has met with over 1,000 small businesses, has started and grown several of his own succesful businesses and has years of professional sales experience. 

I work from home or at the job site, why would I need a sales office

We recognize that many small businesses work effectively from home or at their customer project site however this creates several missed sales opportunities. With a sales office at Cultivate you will increase your customer exposure because 50% of new customers will see you on Google local search. Our professional office spaces will help you to get noticed since they are located close to your customers. Additionally, our spaces include use of our meeting rooms so you can meet with them privately and professionally instead of via zoom or at a public coffee shop.