3rd & Spoon

3rd & Spoon brings delicious edible cookie dough right to your door. We use only premium ingredients and mix our dough in small, loving batches to deliver smooth, rich flavor in every bite.

Our delightful cookie dough can be eaten right out of the jar. But don’t stop there – try the dough as a dip, spread, filling, or as a topping on ice cream! This tantalizing treat is perfect as a personal indulgence as well as a fun-filled party dessert.

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Choose your favorite cookie dough flavors and place your order (Buy Ready to Eat Cookie Dough). We also offer same-day delivery for our local customers. 


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Indulge Safely

We take extra measures to ensure that our ingredients are top-notch and completely safe to consume. 3rd & Spoon crafts a luscious edible cookie dough using an egg-free and heat-treated flour recipe. This careful preparation eliminates any health risks and doesn’t sacrifice a bit of flavor. 

Our cookie dough is shelf-stable for up to two months after the production date. Once the jar is opened, it will remain stable for up to two weeks at room temperature. If the jar is refrigerated after opening, the shelf life is extended to six weeks.

Need it Shipped? No Problem.

Our cookie dough is safely shipped without cold packs because it does not require refrigeration. During the shipping process, the product may be subjected to higher temperatures depending on weather and transit conditions. This exposure does not impact the shelf life of the product although it will change the consistency, making it soft. If this occurs, the product can be kept at room temperature or refrigerated to firm up the cookie dough.

We also offer free local delivery in central Ohio validated with a zip code. 

Decisions, Decisions

Treat yourself to our ready-to-eat edible cookie doughs. Our delectable doughs are available in four popular flavors.

  •           Chocolate Chip 
  •           Sugar 
  •           Chocolate Cake 
  •           Snickerdoodle


Can’t decide? Try our full-size variety pack that includes one of each of these mouthwatering flavors. 


My love for raw cookie dough began in childhood and continues to this day. A few years ago, I began experimenting with safe cookie dough recipes to the delight my wife and children. Now a full-fledged, family-owned small business, we offer our unique cookie dough brands to the public through online sales, and at local farm markets and boutique retailers.

We are thrilled that our delicious edible cookie doughs are gaining popularity and are an affordable indulgent treat in many homes. 

3rd & Spoon is a family-owned business located in Central Ohio.


What makes your cookie dough safe to eat?

Our doughs are crafted without eggs, and our flour is heat-treated flour. This eliminated all potentially harmful ingredients.

Does your edible cookie dough need to be refrigerated?

No. We use only shelf-stable ingredients for our cookie dough. As an additional assurance, we have had our dough tested by a certified food lab for shelf stability. Refrigeration can extend the product’s shelf life, but the dough will remain safe at room temperature for up to two weeks after opening.

Is your cookie dough gluten-free?

No, at this time we do not offer any gluten-free options. It is an option we will work to develop in the future.

Can I just eat the cookie dough right out of the jar?

Yes! But that’s not the only way to enjoy it! Use it as a dip, as a spread, as a filling, as a topping on ice cream! 

Can your dough be baked into cookies?

Yes, it can and they are delicious! Because our dough does not contain eggs, the cookies will bake flat and crispy.


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