Cultivate Courses – 6 Week Spring Session

Register for one of the 5 Online Courses before the April 6th Course Overview Session. The Course Overview Session will be a Zoom/Livestream and will review the course syllabus, how to access the course content, and schedule sessions with an advisor. The full course list and lesson descriptions are listed below. These courses are self-paced but are designed to take less than One Hour each week.


Launch Track – Validate Your Idea, Create A Business Plan With Projections & Start The Launch Checklist

  • Launch Track Overview – The Process, The Plan, The Setup
  • Communicating to Customers What You Offer & Why Buy From You
  • Complete Your Personal Financial Worksheet
  • Complete Your Use & Source of Funds Worksheet
  • Complete Your Item Costing Worksheet
  • Working Lab Session with PRO Advisor

Growth Track – Create A Trust-Building Process To Continually Add New Customers

  • Growth Track Overview – How to Build Trust & Continually Add New Customers
  • Communicating to Customers What You Offer & Why Buy From You
  • Develop Your Marketing Foundation Profile
  • Understand Your Cultivate Business Dashboard
  • Working Lab Session with PRO Advisor

Cash Track – Improve Your Business Finances With A Budget & Forecast

  • 7 Sources of Funding to Start, Grow 0r Survive (Lesson Duration – 50 minutes)
  • Understanding Business Loans
  • Manage & Forecast Cash – Optimize Access to Capital and Improve Financial Business Decisions
  • Working Lab Session with PRO Advisor

    Effective Social Media – Identify and effectively use the social media platforms that are best to reach your customers

    • Online Marketing Sales Strategies
    • Facebook for Business
    • Twitter for Business
    • LinkedIn for Business
    • Instagram for Business

    Is Your Business A Fit For Investors – Understand what investors are looking for and what are the options for this path in Ohio

    • How to Know if Your Business is a Score or a Snore with Your Market
    • Everything You Need to Know Before Raising Capital
    • How Does Rev1 Ventures Serve High Growth, High Tech Startups with an Engagement or Investment

    How it Works:

    After receiving your course registration, a Cultivate team member will invite you to become a free Cultivate Basics Member so you can log in to access your course. If you selected a course that required PRO Membership then our team member will confirm or invite you to signup. If you are already a Cultivate member then your course will be available to you upon logging into our site. If you have not yet completed the necessary prerequisites then you will be registered for the necessary prerequisite.