Cultivate Works! Instagram For Business – Livestream

Investors look for companies that have credibly identified ample, reachable market opportunities large enough to generate significantly better than average returns. So, how do you determine your target market? Join Andrea Ewing of Rev1 Ventures as she walks you through how to identify your audience. You will learn how to survey potential customers to find out which features of the solution they will pay real money for. Entrepreneurs are often surprised that features they worked diligently on and assumed were great can get a big yawn from customers.

Speaker: Andrea Ewing, Manager, Corporate Connections, Rev1 Ventures

Andrea is all about creating the connections and infrastructure that entrepreneurs need to build successful companies. Corporate partnerships and high-quality deal flow are the cornerstones of Rev1’s unique, stage-based investor startup studio.

As manager of corporate connections, Andrea advances both. She connects leading corporations that are actively seeking disruptive technologies with startups that are building ground-breaking solutions. Andrea also connects Rev1 portfolio clients with other potential customers—championing the startups with corporates for the innovation potential that startups can deliver.

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