December Lunch & Learn – Featuring Parker MacDonell & Carol Clark

Ways To Make Your Deal Look More Appealing To Angel Investors

Before you request a meeting with a fund manager or angel group, it is important to understand what’s going through their minds. Learn how to position your company for a better chance of consideration.

Parker MacDonell and Carol Clark will discuss the traps entrepreneurs often fall into when speaking to angel investors. Learn how to avoid phrases or ideas that could get your startup shown the door.

Thoughts all investors have during bad pitches:

1. “Please don’t waste my time or yours with a lifestyle business that has no potential to scale.” You would be better off with a bank loan.

2. “Hockey season is over in early June.” Do not forecast a growth in revenues over five years that looks like a hockey stick.

3. “Does this entrepreneur understand that I have no interest in using my money to pay her or him a six-figure salary?” Many angels are cashed out entrepreneurs.

4. “Does she or he have any idea that there have been less than two dozen IPOs in the last 24 months?”

Express a willingness to IPO, but lead the discussion with a list of potential companies that might acquire your firm and why they would pay enough.


Parker MacDonell, Managing Director of OTAF & Carol Clark, Co-Founder of MindLeaders Inc., now part of www.Skillsoft.com

Parker leads the Ohio TechAngel Funds, which invest in seed-stage Ohio companies. He formerly led the Rev1 Advisor Network, matching engaged client companies with business leaders for one-on-one advice and mentoring. Parker holds a BA in Music from Dartmouth College and a Masters of Public and Private Management from the Yale School of Management.

Carol served as CEO/Chair of the Board of the company from its formation in 1981 until MindLeaders was acquired in 2007. Carol has more than 35 years of management experience as well as an extensive background in computer programming, software development and education. Carol currently serves on the Boards of Directors of EdMap Inc., MassMatrix Corp., and Ecolibrium Solar Inc.; on the Investment Committee for the Patient Capital Collaborative ’13 Fund; on the TechGROWTH Ohio Fund Investment Committee; and on the Executive Committee of the Ohio TechAngels Funds. A graduate of Gettysburg College with a BA in Mathematics, Carol also earned an MBA from West Virginia University.


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