Everything You Need to Know Before Raising Capital

Every growing business needs an influx of capital to scale up. In this session with Michael Kindrat-Pratt, Managing Director at Rev1 Ventures, will walk through everything you need to know before raising money. This webinar is for companies who are new to raising institutional funding or who want to better plan for their next raise. This session will guide you through a practical approach to creating a capital access plan and covering the fundraising process’s critical elements.

About the speaker

Mike manages our State Auto Labs Fund, a $25mm corporate venture capital fund that invests nationally in the insurtech vertical. He works closely with the State Auto Labs team on due diligence, valuation, investment terms, closing, and portfolio management. Mike has 10 years of early-stage investment experience, investing in 50 portfolio companies over that period via venture capital funds and angel funds. Mike holds a BS with concentrations in finance and accounting from Boston College’s Carroll School of Management.

This is is completed but you can view the recording of Everything You Need to Know Before Raising Capital