How Big Is Your Target Market

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How To Calculate Your Substantial Market Opportunity

About this Event

Investors look for companies that have identified substantial, reachable market opportunities that are large enough to generate significantly better than average returns. Join us for this session with Rev1 Venture Analyst, Tim Roe, as we discuss how to approach assessing the market opportunity for your solution, how much of the market you can serve, and what investors think about your market through these lenses.

You will learn how to identify and calculate the different aspects of your market, including:

• Total Available Market (TAM)

• Serviceable Addressable Market (SAM)

• Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM)

Speaker: Tim Roe, Venture Analyst, Rev1 Ventures

Tim focuses on advanced manufacturing, artificial intelligence solutions, and other fields of innovation. With a passion for helping startups navigate the path from idea to entering the market, he works with entrepreneurs to build the right team and successfully create an investable business model to accelerate growth.

Tim brings prior experience in finance, sales, and operations plus his long-term interest in entrepreneurship from previous positions in business development and consulting. He has seen first-hand how challenging it is to bring a product to market and works to deliver practical know-how to Rev1’s portfolio companies.