Making Crypto Less Cryptic: Understanding Crypto Without The Complexity

The current state of crypto and where we are in the adoption process.

Our current monetary system is broken and can only be fueled by additional debt. At some point, we must acknowledge that this will not work indefinitely. Due to the recent events of the last few years, we have accelerated the timeline on this process to where we need a solution much faster than anticipated. This is why crypto is rising to prominence.

Speaker: Steve Svetlick – Partner & Owner Cryptical Thinking, LLC.

After spending more than 25 years in the financial services industry, his working efforts now focus on spending time with current clients and educating the willing about crypto. Steve lives in Grove City, Ohio with his wife Traci, and their two daughters, Ashley and Addie. When time allows, Steve enjoys spending time with his family, his friends and spending time outdoors, preferably on a boat.

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