Cultivate Works! Managing and Forecasting Cash to Optimize Access to Capital – Pickerington In Person

In this presentation, you will learn how to manage and forecast cash to optimize access to capital. We will review our budgeting and forecasting tools/templates and review a dozen techniques that your business can use to juggle the cash inflows and cash outflows. The outcome of this presentation is to not only help your business to maintain enough cash for your day to day business operation but to optimize your access to capital by meeting certain criteria that a lender will look at to determine what credit can be granted to your business.

What you will learn:

  • How to create a personal wealth statement
  • How to complete a use & source of funds sheet
  • Easy ways to make a budget
  • How to make a cash forecast

Who should attend: Business owners & aspiring entrepreneurs

Speaker: Matt Yerkes, Founder, Entrepreneur & Executive Director of Cultivate

Matt Yerkes has been an entrepreneur for 20 years and founded Cultivate based on the belief that for most of us, entrepreneurship is the best opportunity that we have to change the trajectory of our life in a way that will impact our family for generations.

Matt’s entrepreneur experience has been rooted in marketing, web and software technology but has also included commercial real estate development, hospitality, food service and nonprofits. Matt volunteers each year to advise hundreds of entrepreneurs and present 50 training presentations that reach over 1,000 entrepreneurs.

About Cultivate:

Cultivate is a nonprofit entrepreneur support organization that has been advising, training & connecting entrepreneurs from our business incubators since 2016. Cultivate continues to expand to reach aspiring entrepreneurs, small businesses and assist communities throughout Ohio.

We help entrepreneurs to keep building a better business with training programs, referral connections, tools, resources and business incubator facilities that are suited for each community. These incubators and advising centers are operated in collaboration with community partners, the Cultivate board, strategic members and our staff. Services to each community are supported with local funding that often is from the county, chamber, city, grants and local businesses.

Our core business trainings are centered around three main areas of the entrepreneur’s journey: Business launch, Business growth and managing cash/access to capital. Tracking our impact is essential for each community collaboration. Currently we serve 128 members with 500 jobs, $27 million in member revenues and 60% of our membership are women owned businesses. Cultivate is managing growth to one new member a week.

RSVP: Event is free. Registration is required.