Pulling Your Business Up By The Bootstraps

If you are starting a business with very little resources, like most business owners, you understand how difficult it can be. Maurice McGee, Accountant, bootstrapped, built, and sold his own business prior to joining Rev1. Maurice will walk through the resources available to businesses and what you need to know when you secure funding.

Speaker: Maurice McGee, Staff Accountant, Rev1 Ventures

Maurice McGee calls accounting the fun side of math and says the joy of debits and credits began for him when a former investment banker changed careers to teach accounting at Maurice’s high school and gave it a real-world perspective. Maurice graduated from Ohio Dominican University with a B.S. in Accounting—he’s the fourth in his family to gain an Ohio Dominican degree. He’s on the final lap of completing his master’s in business administration from Franklin University. Coached by a trusted mentor and as a Deloitte summer intern and through additional internship experiences, Maurice has built up diverse experience in most facets of accounting, from corporate and foreign accounting to state government and banking.

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