Show Me the Money – Understanding the Various Forms of Financing Available Today

The landscape of small to mid-sized business lending has changed dramatically in the past 15 years. This is an exciting time in the lifecycle of lending institutions, borrowers, and investors; an environment where investors continue chasing yield, traditional lenders navigate regulation and innovation, and technology affords infinite connectivity. In this workshop we will address a few key points:

  • What options exist today and how do they compare?
  • What risks and limitations exist with the rise of these lending options?
  • What are the signs of predatory lenders?
  • How do you navigate these options as empowered entrepreneurs?

Speaker: Renée A. Tyack, Capital-Plus, Inc.

Renée A. Tyack’s experience spans 20+ years in small business lending, organizational development, alternative finance, and business development. She rejoined Capital-Plus in 2015 with a focus on increasing visibility for the company by providing educational opportunities, developing strategic partnerships, and continuing to coach emerging entrepreneurs on the various forms of financing available in today’s market. She is passionate about helping local business owners take control of their cash flow and make educated decisions on how to finance their business through the various stages.

RSVP: Lunch and the Event are free. Registration is required.

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