The 6 Secrets to a Profitable Business That Can Work Without You

Are you ready to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL, increase PROFITABILITY and finally achieve the LIFESTYLE you went into business for in the first place?

In this complimentary seminar you will learn:

  • 6 Steps to a Dream Business – The 6 proven strategies you must implement in your business right away to create a commercial, profitable business that can work without you.  A business that can work without you can have 6x more value than a business that cannot.
  • 6 Keys to a Winning Team – Without a great team you can only play “small.”  Understand the differences between working ON vs IN your business.  Learn how to move beyond the day to day and grow as a CEO.  These strategies will get you the winning team you need to play at a whole new level.
  • 5 Ways to Massive Results – When was the last time you drove profits up by 61%?  Coach Heather will share the ‘5-Ways’ formula to uncover hidden profits immediately.
  • 4 Areas to Leverage – What if you could be more profitable while doing less?  4 essential areas to systematize your business so that it can work without you. Learn how to leverage your time to maximize efficiency and profits.

Speaker: Heather Yakes CPSM, PMP, CPM, MBA

Coach Heather has been a business strategy leader in multi-billion Global Fortune 500 companies, Big 4 Consulting Groups, as well as small and medium start-up companies for over 20+ years.  Heather has her business degree from The Ohio State University, her MBA from Capital University and is a Certified Business Coach.  Heather was recently named Master Coach through Action Coach, which is a prestigious title only offered to a handful of Coaches.  As a Master Coach, Heather will now be coaching other coaches in addition to her own clients.  Coach Heather has worked with all types of clients in diverse industries including accounting, law, communications, marketing, pharmacy, heating & cooling, lumber and print – just to name a few!

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