Facebook For Business – Livestream

Facebook just changed everything again! They are also tightening up security, increasing the importance of groups, and making stories more prominent. Learn how these changes affect your business and what you need to do on your Facebook account.

In this video you will learn:

  • About features, Facebook has on their platform
  • How to increase your engagement and reach on your page using these features
  • Understand how to use Facebook Insights

Speaker: Katie Browder-Person, CEO & Lead Consultant, KatBro Ltd. Katie Browder- Person has over 10 years of hands-on Marketing and Community Relations experience. Her experience includes organizing press conferences, media relations, brand development, and community relations. In 2013, Katie decided to turn her love for freelancing into a REAL business, KatBro Ltd, where she could assist growing entrepreneurs like herself to find their voice in the online and offline marketplace.