Facebook for Business

Facebook is the most used social media platform, making using it crucial for reaching and winning customers. In this video, Katie Browder-Person, the CEO and Lead Consultant of KatBro Ltd. shares what you need to know to succeed with Facebook for Business. 

What It Covers

Simple Optimization

  • You can customize the page template to support your business
  • Your header can be a banner, a video, or even a slideshow
  • Filling out as much of your About section as possible will allow people to find you through a search
  • A call to action is simple and can be almost anything you want
  • Using customized, automated responses creates communication between you and your potential customer


  • Posts should be at least twice per day
  • The average peak in engagement happens between 1-4pm
  • Use of trends, hashtags, and images greatly increase interaction


  • Only 2% of your audience will see your posts organically
  • People will engage with things they find valuable
    • Advice, expertise, tips
    • Sales and giveaways 
    • Jokes and quotes
  • Questions and polls are an easy way to generate engagement
  • Responding to comments and messages quickly will allow you to build trust with customers


  • Can make a huge impact in engagement and conversion
  • Do: create videos under a minute and a half that have captions
  • Don’t: include dates or datable things
  • Ideas:
    • Video reviews of your product or service
    • Tips using expertise
    • Announcements 


  • Facebook offers a look at how your page is doing
  • Likes and page views are helpful, but not everything
  • Consider looking at post reach and engagements
  • If your numbers increase or decrease month-to-month, take a look at what you did differently

General Tips

  • Create a schedule for posting
  • Answer questions as soon as possible
  • Interact with followers as much as possible
  • Utilize the many free and low-cost tools available