Facebook is the most used social media platform, making using it crucial for reaching and winning customers. In this video, Katie Browder-Person, the CEO and Lead Consultant of KatBro Ltd. shares what you need to know to succeed with Facebook for Business. 

What It Covers

Simple Optimization

  • You can customize the page template to support your business
  • Your header can be a banner, a video, or even a slideshow
  • Filling out as much of your About section as possible will allow people to find you through a search
  • A call to action is simple and can be almost anything you want
  • Using customized, automated responses creates communication between you and your potential customer


  • Posts should be at least twice per day
  • The average peak in engagement happens between 1-4pm
  • Use of trends, hashtags, and images greatly increase interaction


  • Only 2% of your audience will see your posts organically
  • People will engage with things they find valuable
    • Advice, expertise, tips
    • Sales and giveaways 
    • Jokes and quotes
  • Questions and polls are an easy way to generate engagement
  • Responding to comments and messages quickly will allow you to build trust with customers


  • Can make a huge impact in engagement and conversion
  • Do: create videos under a minute and a half that have captions
  • Don’t: include dates or datable things
  • Ideas:
    • Video reviews of your product or service
    • Tips using expertise
    • Announcements 


  • Facebook offers a look at how your page is doing
  • Likes and page views are helpful, but not everything
  • Consider looking at post reach and engagements
  • If your numbers increase or decrease month-to-month, take a look at what you did differently

General Tips

  • Create a schedule for posting
  • Answer questions as soon as possible
  • Interact with followers as much as possible
  • Utilize the many free and low-cost tools available


Video Transcriptions:        


Alright guys, so thank you so much for joining me today for Facebook for business. My name is Katie Browder-Person and I am the owner of KatBro Consulting. We’re a marketing agency we’re located in Grove City. We do have some London roots.

And we, you know, we primarily focus in the area of online marketing, social stuff, social media, and other digital advertising efforts and those kinds of things.

However, we are a full-service agency so we know a lot about a lot and throughout this Facebook for business, we’ll talk a little bit about well, we’ll certainly talk obviously, about how Facebook can impact your business but we’ll talk a little bit about some fundamental type things I usually on training like this. I try not to get too crazy high level though we will talk about some high-level things or maybe something that you don’t know we will talk about some fundamentals. 

There are many times when I talk to an individual I find that most of what’s challenging them in their social media. Efforts are really just fundamentals of classic you know, content creation, and believe it or not, I have a lot of people that I work with that can’t see them attach videos or pictures to their posts, so that’s just a reality. and so I’m trying to keep kind of a broad scale when talking. If something is super below your level, level through. Nothing’s more than about two minutes long.

If something’s above your level that we have a chance to ask questions. So, let’s just get started.

Things To Discuss

So today what I hope that you take away from our session is how to optimize your Facebook business page. What when how to post to be more effective, how to increase your reach on your page, and ways to use video on your social media pages. That is definitely something that is very popular and necessary right now that many people are at home and looking to be entertained. So you can draw attention to your pages with just simple easy videos and how to read your basic Facebook Insights. So you know what your stats are telling you. What we’re going to do is each one of these little sections I’m going to go through kind of a list, give you some you know, feedback as I go down, and but then we’re going to actually go to Facebook and apply some of these efforts. 

So, first and foremost, when you leave this class today, I want you to optimize your Facebook page. There are certain things that I can even do to increase my Facebook reach by just doing some simple optimization. So here are a couple of things I think would be easy for you to get started even today. 

Optimize Your Business Page

Change Your Page Template

First, change your page template to something that supports your business goals. Many people don’t know that on Facebook, there are about 10 template types. So your page doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s. And when we get to that point I’ll go through and I’ll show you where to find those types of things. 

Experiment With Covered Video

Experiment with covered video, so you don’t have to use that standard cover photo. I love that most business owners are you know you they want to get out there they want to do so from media but most of the time that cover is just not inviting. Even when it comes to your like photo base covered a lot of times people just throw up something like a team picture or picture of the outside of their building or something like that. And your cover is really like your call to action. You know so great. You know bringing that into Facebook is going to help you a ton using video using video for the cover really actually makes people pause. They’re usually pretty surprised. You’d be surprised. People don’t know that you can upload videos to the cover. Although Facebook has been doing that now for about three years. So yeah, two or three years make 2018 

Add A Strong Call To Action Button 

Also, you want to add a strong call to action button on your Facebook account. I often you know go to people’s pages and I see that the call to action button is not even activated as a great way when people first get in for you to tell them like hey check out my website or look and lead it to your calendar or your online store, you know, shop with me and have it go to your online store. So that’s you know, that call to action button is a really great way for you to optimize your page turn on and customize your messenger automatic responses. So this is something that I kind of do off the bat because I’ll get messages from individuals. I’m not always on Facebook or my personal accounts. 

So obviously I don’t want that person to think they just messaged me and I’m ignoring them. So I will turn on the automatic responses just so it says something like hey, thank you so much for inquiring, we’ll get back to you shortly. Or such as in the case like the Cultivate page, sometimes will ask questions will say like they’ll come in and say hi my name is, you know, Tina and I have a small business. They don’t say are you located in Madison County? Question mark. If they click yes, it leads to the next question. So it’s really you know, it’s a really cool way to kind of get people engaged. I noticed that sometimes people don’t realize they’re talking to the buttons until later on in their lives in this era. It is but the engagement is still there. So don’t leave that person hanging in case you’re, you know, being wonderful in your business. You don’t necessarily have time to just message them back. 

Complete And Upgrade Your About Sections “About” Sections

Complete and upgrade your about sections are neglected terribly on individuals’ profiles, and it’s usually some variation of a copy and paste of whatever is on your website. And that doesn’t always work in your favor either. So I’ll kind of go through you know how you will do that as well. 

Let’s Apply What We’ve Learned

So let’s apply what we’ve learned that so I’m just the kind of person that is extremely visual so I’m I always assume others are likely and that you would much rather I show you some things and the severity setting. Do this, do that do this do that. So we’re gonna head over to one of our customer accounts. Because it pretty brief page and you will. Now, I chose his page also because on this page, there are some things that we can improve on so it’s a good way for me to go through and just say like, oh, we can do an SRP and show you guys at the same time. 

Page Optimization

Facebook Page Banner 

Alright, so first with his with Page Optimization the very first thing we talked about was changing your Facebook cover. So in changing your Facebook cover, you don’t have to use just a picture. You don’t have to use a banner like this although this is a nice banner, you can actually use video as well. So the way that you would do that is you would just go here to get an edit. And you can choose from photos and videos. You can do a slideshow. That’s a really cool feature that Facebook has also that’s just like a collection of videos are made a collection of still shots and or you can upload a video. So we’re not gonna like just plug that in there but I wanted to let you know obviously where to find that information. I do love this slideshow feature. So what I want to show you here is let’s say you just don’t have a video in mind that you want to use if you use a slideshow feature. You can just keep adding photos that you might already have. So it’ll make like a nice little video for you. So there are lots of pictures here. He’s showing me a quick slideshow and saying yeah, we’ll take this down.

This is her baby page so now, when people come into my page, they’ll have like a nice little slider that they can see pretty pictures of events or things. I’m doing it works really great for event pages. It works really great for people who sell products. You know you can have your front slider say something like you know, you know, welcome to Amy’s candle shop. And then your next line will be pictures of your actual candles and things that you sell. Now, after you’ve gone in and you’ve updated achieve this amazing video or slideshow or even as well-designed banner, the next step you want to do is go straight over to your about section and make that you know a little bit more lively.

I’m sorry, I have this new Facebook layout. By the way, anybody who notices this Facebook way out confuses me more than anything. Do not pay attention to the wasn’t behind the curve.

Facebook Business Page Description

Miles is happy to change it back to the old Facebook’s how I think yeah, it’s even further and I see your page description. Well! Oh, it’s sorry, sir. So really when you’re putting in general information about your Facebook page, you really want to describe on this page what people will find on the page. So it’s not just a copy and paste of you know, welcome to you know, camera consulting, where a marketing agency blah, blah, blah. It’s more like, you know, welcome to our Facebook page. Here you’ll find tips and tools to help you with your social media presence, or with your digital marketing prep, you know, efforts. 

For example, on this particular page, all of the descriptions and things are out because we’re revising a lot of people’s things for 2021. So right now you know for this client, he wrote a headstart program where he’s a trainer. So on this particular page, people will get information about his online classes. They will get tips and tools on how to effectively run their headstart. They’ll have information on there about how to keep their audience engaged now that people are learning at home and that’s the thing about the Facebook about section is it doesn’t have to be like leave it and forget it. 

If there’s something going on in the community. You know, COVID-19 has changed a lot of things for people. You can go on there. And say hey, we’re also going to bring to you you know, fresh COVID notifications every week or you know, however, you know what it depends on your business type obviously, or things are going on or if there’s if it’s winter and let’s say you have a storefront and you know, you could say hey, every week I’m here, you know, follow us so you can get the latest on our specials through the holiday season. And then when people come to your page or when they go to look up things about you know, maybe if I go to Facebook and I look up candle shops, London, Ohio, well, it’ll pull this information that we put out in this page is rich about information. 

If you’re just copying and pasting in general, you may not be honing in on keywords that people need to be able to search for what they’re looking for. The other day I was looking for trampolines. I’ve been looking for trampolines since April. So I went on Facebook, I was looking for trampolines, and pulled up. You know everything from these trampoline parks to individuals who were selling trampolines on Facebook. What I found is that the pages that I was pulling out, trampled the words trampoline, were in there about areas, you know, that word was written in there about areas they had mentioned three or four times and so it caused them to be more at the forefront of what I was looking for. 

Additional Information

There’s also a little area that a lot of people don’t know to use or don’t think that they can use and that is your impression information here and your additional information. So additional information is going to allow you to get a little more worried because you’re going to have a word count restriction at the top here. So this is kind of like an overview you know, welcome to the Gravely Group Headstart family Facebook account. 

Will you know, you’ll find resources tips and total farmer block down here is more where you can get more in-depth about what the WHO THE gravely room is, in general, what they do. Maybe if you want to list the types of services, those kinds of things you can get to have a little bit more word count. Now this area right here, I did not actually start doing anything with this area until like last year because for the most people just kind of skipped over it is a great thing. What I found that it’s been very helpful is utilizing this area for weeks. So now that there are so many products or services that people are trying to lead themselves to, like maybe if you have a Zoom Room now because you’re inviting people into virtual meetings, and you have a specific Zoom Room that’s assigned to you or use Microsoft Teams and so we have like a team portal, you know, I might put those things there like hey, to schedule a meeting for like our Microsoft Teams because it’ll allow people to go in schedule a meeting with me, give them the team’s request, either my calendar link here, so I’ve been able to use this area for weeks and it’s been fantastic actually. 

It really has but prior to that, I did not use it as you see even below it tells you this is an optional field and in certain countries is required. We do not live in one of those countries, but it is a great area to be able to plug those links in. If you have like an online portfolio or anything you know, you could say check out my online portfolio here because they lead the hyperlinks of work in this area. Always put it what first rangering because if you’re very cheap like me, you’ll be looking for the $1, It’ll Lisa helped me realize if I’m in my right lane. If I see you at the Florida Bar,  I’m not in my right lane. But you know it also steers you away from you know, strange conversations. 

I actually made someone laugh about that the other day because he inquired about a website and I gave him a quote. That’s a little higher than I thought, you know, but he really wanted the work done. And I said well, you know, it’s the three dots are the $4 signs on my watch on my Facebook page. He just started laughing but it was just like a way to break the ice. We were still late in the business but it was just like, hey, I didn’t want to do it again. But, you know, it’s a great way to communicate that any kind of other accounts. You want to make sure that you’re also adding to this About area. So Instagram, LinkedIn, as you can see, you can put your handles right here and look, it gives you a dropdown. Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, why have them go searching everywhere for you when they can find out who you are and what they need from you right here. You know, the object of the game is no matter where a customer is on the web. If they went on your Facebook account if they land on your Twitter account if they went to your website, they should be able to connect to your other avenues of marketing. I’m getting older we go back and see what the other remembers and I told myself that we will do. Let’s also take a look at

at the different Facebook template pages that we have access to you and let’s see if I can find it on this new Facebook page forced me to switch back so when in doubt switch back to the old Facebook. It’s still under the Edit page setting and templates and tabs. This is where you will find all the various templates.

Now I do want you to use the new Facebook don’t get me wrong. And we may explore that if we have a little time later. So I can actually tell you the right answer where to find on the new Facebook but when in doubt I do switch back to the old one because I have it has definitely confusing and I realize that when the new Facebook template there are things are missing. So when I noticed something missing, I don’t know if you’ve noticed that you’ve been on the new Facebook platform. But when I noticed something’s missing, I actually send Facebook alerts and you know they want you to do that they want you to tell hey, why did you switch back to the old one. 

And once you touch the old one they’ll send you a little message saying why did you do that? And I said hey, you guys are missing the whole nonprofit area. And then you know, that’s the way that they can fix their app. But in any case, if you have I can change your template to fit your service type. You can go right here. My first step is I want to edit page info at the top templates and tabs and once I got into the tabs, I just click Edit. And there are lots of different templates you can choose from. So if your service base there’s gonna, you know you can use this particular template because it has certain areas where you can list your services that and we’ll get back to your website. Your Facebook business page monitors pretty much your standard traditional Facebook business page look. 

Venues, I like I’m not going to switch his accounts. We have the boys who want it but then you gotta do like this one because on the venues it has aired it has actually different areas on there about, you know, book, this venue, that kind of thing. So I’ll click on details and it’ll tell you the different buttons. So has different buttons on it that you may not find on other pages. So whatever your business type if you made a different template, and so that might that would be able to help you out.

There is one for online stores, nonprofits, politicians, public figures, restaurants, and cafes. This is one that’ll have like your menus. So it’ll have things that a restaurant will care about, like current offers, reviews, photos, places where you can plug in things about events. So there are quite a few to choose from. 

There are approximately 10, video pages. This one’s actually pretty cool especially if you’re somebody that does video, you know you’ve got a lot of cool places where you can plug in different days you have a video tab, you can click on you can put videos, and like samples of your work. You know, events, you know maybe you’re doing a photoshoot event or you’re inviting people out to check out their studio. You can post that on there too. So depending upon whatever type of business you have, we’ll certainly guide you in what template she needs. 

So with your messaging, you can go right here on the Edit Page Info screen. And this is where you can also set your messenger settings, so you can set up you know communication between you and your potential customer. I want to say I think mine is super generic and it just is like we’re trying harder to be creative. And someone will be back with you within 24 hours. But when you go to this messenger setting, you can actually plug in the type of compensation you want to. They have some generic responses to turnkey responses that you can use. You don’t have to be creative and come up with anything. You can certainly just know one of Facebook’s automatic responses. There’s a little tab here that says go to automatic response and here you have a little bit more control maybe you want to do a time of day where you’re not at work instead of the ones where you are at work. So if you’re a nine-to-five business, maybe the auto responder comes on afterward. You can certainly do that as well. You can be questioned by the customer about changing stuff. To change anything that’s already in pre-setup. But you know, it’s just a great way for you to respond. Another thing is you know, let’s say you’re hiring for a new position and someone flies through Facebook which they are able to do now. You can actually post a job right there on Facebook. So you can apply right there. 

You can even put your job application received responded on and then as soon as they see you know the job. Thank you we you know receive your job when the patient will be impacted shortly. But again, it’s a way for you to be there but not be there because we’re all very busy. And I know that sometimes as business owners we can tend to be like a one-man show for a while or a two-man show I mean, we’re in like a six-man show at my office now and we still can’t get it all together. It just you know, small businesses we have a different type of challenge than larger companies. We cannot always be everywhere. Because especially like right now we don’t have the resources to hire people.

Okay, so this is a great way for you to deal with appointment reminders. There are places on Facebook where you can actually plug in your schedule. So there are a few we may have our first Yeah. But there is a call to action button right here you can see on the screen you can put whatever you want in there but before I added this button I can put it as a book now button and it would drop a calendar down and people could quote me right through Facebook. I could put a contact button there and that will allow them to message you directly. Learn more you should you know I attach my manual but you sound application software to standard more creative than that, on this particular one while we have chosen to have videos so if you put one video, then you’ll be able to see this individual welcome video for his business

I’ll take around in that area because I didn’t see it when you first went in by Memphis and Facebook another message like eight or 10 places. I’m getting paid to pay that for somebody that makes a lot of money over Facebook to worry about Operation times. 

Hours Of Operation

This is actually important because I find that when you go to your social media pages to know when you’re open than they do to your own website. So if you go to your website and you’ve changed your hours of operation, that may not mean anything if you haven’t changed them on social media because most people are going to actually take out your cell phone number so make sure you have accurate times up there. Here over 24 hours today for saying that. I don’t think people will attend at all you definitely want to not hit comment because  I did have a customer who got by mistake and he was like people were saying I’m floating website where you’re close and we’re doing business every day by me it hit it on the face chapter page down but they do let your audience know your flows. 

When and Where to Post


So now we’re going to talk about when, what, where how to post. This is usually the fun part. I’ve done this in many you know different ways. But for the most part, these are good rules to live by that I have here on the left, my left. So you want to post two times a day. I do let people get away with one. I’m not the Facebook police but I’m gonna tell you if you’re not posting one time a day little to nobody is seeing it the two times is going to really help your pages out a lot more. It’s going to increase your reach your impression so that more people can see it. Facebook is not the nicest platform to us, as they only let now about 2% of people they did increase it from the generous 1% to 2% of people see your posting so if you have 100 people on your page 2% of individuals can even see your posts at a given time. 

The reason for this is because Facebook wants you to boost that post and you can choose to do so fantastic post and you do want attention to that post. I’m not objective to you through your phone. I would advise you to learn more about the leasing process and what he means before that I’ve got a couple of little Crash Course type things that are even on my website, and that I post privately that talk about the different boosting and creating a complete ad an ad manager but you don’t want to just throw spaghetti at the wall that’s your money. You know you want to make sure you know which one you should be doing. But definitely just for regular organic reach. You want to be posting twice a day.

1PM to 4PM

 The best hours to post are between 1pm and 4pm. I call them lunchtime bathroom hours. So that’s like when you’re when people are at work midday and they’re like in the stall going like this. Trying to wake up the rest of the day. The second best time for you to post on Facebook is actually early in the morning between the hours of six and eight. So that’s like yawn wake up was the first thing you do grab my phone let me see what’s going on, you know in the world in your work, but there’s one to four there’s a series peak at this time for Facebook in general. Now that’s not going to necessarily be the law in your business. I work with the funeral home, which is amazing. So to me before and his peak times are before 7 am literally between like 4 am in the morning and suddenly and I’ve come up with a lot of different theories for that but I primarily think because he is a funeral home and many times people aren’t on his pages or they may be seeking services or they may be in grief mode. It may be 100 hours of the night. They tend to walk to his pages during that time and he doesn’t get very much of this afternoon. So just think you will quickly find out by looking at your insights and even looking at what your comments come in. When that is for you. For my particular business. If you happen to be an E, we get more responses after like after five and maybe like before eight or nine. 


So use hashtags and things that are trending hashtags. This is one of the biggest things that is underutilized initiate. So really, if you want to see what other people are trending and you’re thinking, Okay, I might want to use the hashtag #HappyThanksgiving. 

Well, you’re pretty safe when a happy Thanksgiving like it’s gonna get the trending or you know, #RocktheVote or something like that. But you know, if you’re like, oh, I want to use hashtag candles, well, you might want to go to Facebook. Put in the search in the search bar, #candle, and see how many people are following that or how many people are responding to that or using that on that particular given day. I will say that hashtags are not as critical on Facebook as they are on a platform like Twitter, or Instagram. I love doing my Twitter and Instagram class favorite these little resuscitations right now but what if hopefully you guys come to one of those classes I would love this. 

Really show you how to rock these hashtags. You can literally watch your paging and drugs. By JC hashtag. Facebook is not going to give you that same effect. So I’m not gonna lie to you. Tell you that on Facebook, hashtags are going to use in their mobile app for gain a sense of what they admit to you and it’s going to help them categorize, so an example is we a lot of times on our clients’ pages will have tip videos or tips of the month. You know maybe if it’s a realtor will say home buying tips. Well everything that’s home buying has already hashtag #homebuyintips2020 and so that way if someone was just really interested in that category of postings that we’ve done, and they are interested in home buying tips, they can click on the hyperlink of home buying tips that comes with your hashtag and for everything that we’ve put out there. You know, put out there on the page. 


Put an image on it. Anything because the little white two-liner like I’m having a sale today, I promise, next paycheck, nobody saw they didn’t or if they did see it they just worked great. Really. If you threw a candle to candle people here today. I’m really big on candles. But I’m gonna have a candle on there. I will be like that’s a pretty candle. We’re just too visual and then we’ll get into videos like videos and shine. Make sure that the quality of your posts are in high quality. I would much rather see you only post once a day or even once every other day if you must be down for that and have high-quality postings and just blah blah blah all day or I don’t know if I can stand on a timeline or lipstick colors from my Mary Kay books like never. The quality has to be engaged. So it’s very important.

Average Facebook User

So the average Facebook user spends 50 minutes every day using Facebook or using Facebook. So basically if you’re using the Facebook best practices, you will be able to reach that audience in that 50 minutes now I don’t know. This is actually a 2020 stat. I don’t know who in 2020 is on Facebook for 50 minutes a day. They’re on a serious purge. Most people I know are merely on Facebook one time an hour now. Especially with people being able to work at home my own mom who works for the City of Toronto, said I’ve never been on Facebook more in my life than I have been at home you know because you’re you know you have some downtime to your brain switches. But that those are that Jeff got much more opportunity for you to reach out to that audience and get them engaged in what you have going on. 

They Like Me… They Really Like Me

So that’s what comes to this man like me they really liked me. So, engagement is the most important piece of what you’re doing. If someone likes your posts, if they share your post, if they make a comment. You want to make sure you’re responding back to them. If they’re making a comment on a post and that the home you know rock and snow through the computer. Don’t leave a page that’s why that’s like giving someone a high five and he didn’t sit in the air like make sure you’re responding back to him in a timely manner. 

I know you can’t be on Facebook all the time. So if anything, make sure that you’re checking in, you know, a couple of times throughout the day so that someone’s not waiting hours with your document, maybe they’re waiting to power up to at the moment. You know, the ideal to stand firm is 15. I know that that is possible. But I am I find that people are equally as forgiving as long as they have a response within a reasonable amount of time. If you go days without responding back to people on your Facebook page and you may have evolved. So you want to make sure that that you’re responding back to them. Another thing is on Facebook, Facebook doesn’t really support so Facebook does this really nifty thing where, let’s say if someone likes your posts, but they don’t subscribe to your page already, Facebook will let you know that that person is not a person that has liked your page yet. So you can actually scroll down to where that person has liked to say I know she liked if Tracy Sloane didn’t like this page already, you can go up to Tracy and hit request to like the page. So then it was sent Tracy a message saying hey, we are requesting that you like our H N A want to comment on this and said I honestly think I’ve ever had any thoughts about what we’ve posted. So it’s just a little extra stuff that we can do on your page. It makes it even that much more important for you to pay attention to the Facebook account a couple of times throughout the day.

Another thing is, you know, let your followers know what you have going on. So remember when you’re engaging with followers that it’s more important to engage them on things that they can guide. So I know that if I am on mindset to you, people come to my social media page they need to see what I would say, you know, hey, your social media lady or your web lady. Tell me something about your business. So I’d like to share tips. I like to share tricks and hacks that people can use. I like to share content that’s relevant to them and sometimes I just want to inspire. So that’s where that’s one of the reasons why you will see a lot more quotes floating through your timeline than you will apart. But if I see a beautiful quote and it came from a restaurant are still gonna, on that page, I might even scan through the page.

 Knowing me I’m gonna look through the picture and see how beautiful it is inside or what I look like. And I read the page if I think that it’s something I want to like, but what got me there was just as lonely. I use a lot of humor. So sometimes I don’t use just quotes. I mean, quotes always bring to the audience, sometimes. Fun stuff. You know, like my husband posting that yesterday like, remember that time I got Coronavirus or I was gonna get Coronavirus and I got inside by Nike. You know, it was like that was kind of funny. And in that one 100 comments on that. That’s because those things are engaging materially. It allows you to kind of, you know not to use your brain just you know, use pure emotion and emotion and is a number once people are more likely to connect with you emotionally will purchase. 

Increasing Your Reach

Okay, so increasing your reach. We want to build relationships. It builds a relationship and trust with your audience. No, knowing your audience is the most active one which we talked about. You will only find the real answer to that once you start to vote. There’s just no way I can give you tons of votes propose, time, blah, blah blah. You only know that once you can get and then also create engaging content, such as question polls. Comparison postings, like before and afters. Those are awesome. I love to do that like we revamped someone’s website.

Probably at least go to other websites. I mean, Bill, just showing them what you’re doing. You’re very, very engaged. But another fantastic way is bidding. And it is it is my favorite. I do a lot of videos. Some of them are just featuring my voice because I don’t like to feature me. But even if they just feature your voice, people will still watch them I promise. You can also use video polls which I’ll share a couple with you on towards the end. There are video teams that will help you just make these cute little tip videos and those kinds of things and the tools. Many of them are free or they’re low cost. Now, I’m gonna say because I am a lover of video so much and my friend Dania. have actually a video person. She does all of our video editing and those kinds of things. Because of that. I’m wanting to say that there is you will not waste your money if you invest in video.  If you’re not doing it for a particular event, you’re doing it for maybe your brand in general, or even if you are doing it for an event but it’s showing the event that happens. You will never waste your money using video that’s in my opinion, takes that to the bank but I’m gonna tell you that I post things that are leaving things I pre-revenue. 

So it is important to know, that if you don’t have your own video sources, you can use things like a phone or tablet, but it knows someone that does video. A person or individual back here does videos. You know invest in that and you know, make it here you have videos every year kicked out of your marketing plan, and then you’ve got them in your arsenal. Your Facebook pays for your social media accounts. If you make them short videos, under about a minute, minute and a half, those are going to be the best for you. If the videos are under a minute you can even use them on Instagram. That’s really fantastic. Unless you’re using IG TV camera is everything on the dash. But for this, you know for Facebook, a minute and a half, two-minute videos, tops. 

More than 40 billion videos are the views taken place on Facebook every day. That’s why it’s 100 million hours a day of content on Facebook getting 65% of all Facebook videos to come from mobile users. So make sure that those videos are you know, short like I said, you know mobile people are usually out in the community. So that brings us to this lovely show like how to hate like you your entire luggage if you’re really cool, and they don’t require a voiceover you know. I just love explainer videos, those are my faves. About 487% of videos were uploaded directly to Facebook. 

Facebook is not going to give your video priority if it’s on the Youtube share link because Facebook doesn’t like Youtube. So Facebook will not help you to promote YouTube. Facebook captures 24.5% on videos spinning in the US which is why Facebook is a great place to put those video ads. You ever noticed those little ads and they’ve got like the subtitles underneath them and you need to turn the sound on you just see that. Wow, this is great, you know shoot store, you know, whatever they’re they’re obviously my favorites or something like the recipe ones or the ones that they shipped to your house and all that kind of logos. Because again, I can watch them while I’m at Target. I can watch them in my physical therapy. That’s where I go wait for your time, you know even fine Sure. But I can watch a little video without sound. I don’t know I guess I’m probably going to talk about so here are some really cool ways to use video content on your Facebook to grow your business. 

Ways to Use Video Content on Facebook to Grow Your Business

One, you can do a video review or product administration of your own product. So you sell candles. You can talk about the candle describe the scent of the candle, light the candle how you’d be surprised when people will sit there and watch the Russians making light candles pretending but they will you know help clients take the work out of what you do and what you offer. use video to preview your services or products and review services. Marketing even more of a physical place like Cultivate people will watch videos of you know Matt walking around and setting up for an event you know some great way to use video expert tips showing the world how smart you are. 

So this is your time to shine and let them know that you really know your stuff. It is also a great way to tell a lot of people all at once that you’re doing the right person to them. You can use videos to build trust on Facebook and share them with your audience. How do clients stay informed with a short video? Use these videos to make announcements they have more engaged you can even make an announcement you know I have a lady that sells I think she sells like paparazzi comm that always pops up on my timeline and I find myself watching this lady unravel out of bag to do paparazzi jewelry I don’t know why I’ve spent five minutes watching her unravel $5 jewelry, but I did. Certainly, I did that. Last year. 

Facebook Watch Party

One of the newest kinds of features that Facebook came out with this Facebook watch he came out 2018 Facebook watch is I think an underused product that is really cool. So Facebook watch works because it is a brand new target or to send targeted invites to segment a group of people so you know you can send out invites to people who like your page that may be particular criteria. Or you can send them out to people on your page itself. You can send them to your personal invite, and you can allow other people to invite people to Facebook Live as well. It’s a great way to engage those who are inactive. So if they see that they’re the last party they might just to see with the watch party. That was June 20. 

You can share information from the individuals in your industry. The example I like to use are individuals who are in direct sales or if they’re going to ice and sometimes the leaders or the upline will make videos you can share their video and throw that kind of attention to your pages by sharing your information. You also have more control over the promotional process than you do in a Facebook live so you can actually promote a watch party you know like it’s a private screening event. You can come in you can cross-promote it on all your team pages or watch party at eight o’clock this time. Facebook Lives. Although, you know I do like a whole class on Facebook Live and I love Facebook Live leading global growth sometimes, you know people get a patient with the watch parties to tend to be really well attended. So watch parties are in that episode. It’s a great way for you to control it because you can actually treat it toward your master schedule the watch party and then actually comment live with individuals while they’re watching it.


So what? What I want to focus on right now is just looking at your insights let’s go back to all right, so let’s look at some insight. So if you’re in this new fancy Facebook, the insights are on the side if you’re in the old Facebook and they’re still along the top, like the some here’s some key things you want to check out when you’re looking at. We’re, of course, most people are going to go straight to oh, let me look at how many page views I have. Or let me look at how many likes and although you know you are liking your page views are quite important.

I really love to look at the post reach and engage because that really shows me how I do it. So in the last 28 days on this particular page, there have been seven new ones to this individual. It’ll tell Facebook will tell you hey, this is down from your last month, maybe last month you at 10 Now you only got seven. That’s just a way to trigger you to say hey, maybe you might want to check out last month and see what you did, or what was going on. I know for a fact on this particular individual last month was domestic violence month and that’s a big one on his payments and then the previous month before that was suicide. And that’s a big month for agents to so really is a no-no right now. So then we get judged and see like okay, maybe there’s just not much going on right now. And that’s what we don’t have the reach that we should have on there.

Um, you can also look at page view, well, your page views if they’re, you know, this one says download 20% and 20 days well, we kind of already answered our question if we’re looking at the fact that hey, you know, last month is a big month. Remember not a really huge month for us and holidays. Coming up. Some businesses are Gracia he got this time like if you have a brick and mortar, you’re gonna see a feat at like, Oh, these people are coming in to buy gift cards or, or gifts or those kinds of things. So it just allows you to find the pattern in your online marketing. The reason I don’t want you to harp so much on these numbers, because I have people that get completely depressing and they just don’t even this isn’t even working. I’m not gonna post it anymore. That’s not true. You just got to find the pattern. It’s gonna take a while for you to figure that out on every page but the post reach this is actually people so reach people’s people. It’s about the number of people who were reached on, you know, you’re giving posts for that period and Facebook will even break it down by post at the bottom here. I’m just looking at an overview.

So these are like this is like, okay, these are people who actually got to see my post, at least one fall across their time.

Your post engagement or the people who took action that you liked, commented, shared, or didn’t react. So 200 people see your posts and 79 of them react that’s not too bad performance could be deadly. You know, we’ll take it as a when Facebook did not give us the windows seven were down 52% from last month. It’s not surprising October for this point. We’ve had the time Friday, September October, just always big months for him any tears off in November simmering spiked back up diversity always been like, but it at least helps you find out what your particular video. Okay how videos recommend that I mentioned that idea you know, videos, videos are great.

You know you’ll also be able to check out your page followers. You know, hey, why am I down? Let’s look at what’s going on. Oh, maybe I’m down because I didn’t post as we close this shorter seeing that my audience likes quotes. Now next month. I can hear up to produce more quotes.

The biggest thing that happens in social media marketing is people forget that the analytics are there to help. Don’t focus so much on the red number. Focus on what it’s telling. Oh, I’m in the red. Oh, that’s telling me I need to do more of this. And Facebook is actually pretty good at telling you what posts perform the best. So I’m sorry if you scroll down, you’ll see the five most recent postings. You can click here to see all your posts and we are the ones that have the most reads.

What will we do in Baghdad? Oh, this was actually an acid video message from the owner of Iraq. Okay, well, people love him. Let me reach out to him and have can do more postings like that. Or if it’s you and you notice people are like, they love my video. Then videos gonna work. Quote graphics do really well in general. Today on this particular person paid. Funeral Directors tend to take on a community persona, almost like ministers do. So a lot of times people want to hear from individuals. They want to hear from the work that they want to do from the front a pastor, whoever depending upon your business, it may be different you know, you just this is where you will come to find out where how you can measure your success. I also encourage you that in any social media marketing, especially on Facebook, because Facebook will break your heart sometimes and you measure your success by your measure by what worked last month that didn’t work this week, or vice versa. What didn’t work and don’t get so caught up in the subject? 

Facebook Scheduling

So moving forward. So should you want to nail down the schedule? Make sure you are posting that one time a day I believe two times prefer Facebook has a scheduling option on it. It is built-in. It is under their publishing tools tab. So you can schedule it right there on Facebook. You can also use other third parties like buffer or HootSuite and answer individuals’ questions as fast as possible so that you can keep the engagement and interact with the followers so you know making sure that the Facebook page some scheduling tools that you use are HootSuite and buffer you can use post scheduling expensive so I would probably say that.

You can also on Facebook Like I said they have a built-in scheduling tool under publishing tools. You will find the schedule right on your page is so pretty. It’s always a great content creation tool. I want you to write down these Foley ones in case you’ve never heard of them before you want to use a content creation tool called Canva. It’s a great way for you to create graphics for your account. I created this really cool PowerPoint Canvas kind of to give you an example. You can create lots of marketing materials in Canva. You also want to check out some other content creation tools.

Like there’s like video tools that you can use to listen to me and stuff like that. I think video is a video tool that you can use Adobe Spark out of here, is a little bit more video savvy. We offer a video tool called get known so you can target known products as well Joomla website if those are things that you can actually use now that are here for analytics teams, truth me and happiness week there’s really thorough analytics of your social media and because you’re already scheduling there, so it’s already connected. So the short answer and it’s very low cost. In fact, it’s great for certain levels and then beyond that level, it’s roughly around $20 a month and a planning tool so I came up with this.

So we currently use Trello for our individual in-house. Content Trello is project management more but we use it for content planning as well. But I came across this really cool tool that I did want to share with you guys its called content for quarry.

And they know this and I just went ahead and bought it because it was really cheap anyway. So 29 have a full year. And content quarry allows you to plug in your content schedule there. With hashtags, you want to use the platforms you want to put it on the like photos and videos all of its in one place it does not schedule for you like HootSuite. It’s just a plan. I don’t get paid for content. So I don’t even know for you. But I like this product. And so I thought I would bring it to you guys so that you can check it out. Very cool. And in for $29 a year like we point I never gonna once, you know just to check it out. It’s really cool. And you can skim your blog postings they’re linked to everything very nice. So I’m pretty much checking it out or doing the 14-day trial and see if it’s something alright, so if you have any questions or you want to reach me with lightning, you’re more than welcome to.

Our phone number is there. We are located in Grove City and you can email me I will be happy to email you this particular PowerPoint if you’d like to watch our videos over again and just have it in your arsenal for help as your Facebook.

Thank you for allowing me to have some time with you today. And you know, just let me know if there’s anything that you need for me. I’ll be happy to send it over.