Growing Small Business, Building Strong Communities

This Presention is for Cultivate Community Partners – January 31st 11am Zoom

At Cultivate, we believe that the success of small businesses positively impacts communities. Our mission is to help small businesses thrive, one community at a time. With support from community partners in Central Ohio, we have cultivated a unique approach that combines business training, resources, and the development of regional ecosystems, a network for local referrals.

For the past few years, we’ve been at the forefront of developing and testing programs in collaboration with organizations, including Chambers, in Central Ohio. Our findings reveal that combining a local referral system with business education creates exceptional growth opportunities for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and the local economy.

In Grove City, London, and Pickerington, we’ve successfully built robust ecosystems with Business Centers that cluster services and resources in the heart of downtown areas. These centers are focal points for business development, collaboration, and community engagement.

Our Approach

Business Training & Resources

Empowering small business owners is at the core of what we do. Our commitment is to provide practical knowledge that fuels sustained growth. Hosted by our community partners, the business training presentations and workshops offer a value-added benefit that organizations can extend to their members.

Regional Ecosystem Development

Collaboration is vital to success. Cultivate serves as a referral network for the most frequently requested professional services. By developing regional ecosystems, we create a supportive environment where businesses can thrive. Our focus is to foster connections and facilitate access to essential resources.

Discover Our Partnership Programs

Community Business Training

Our first program offers a series of professional business education presentations and workshops. These training sessions equip entrepreneurs with the skills, tools and actionable steps needed to attract continuous sales leads.

Community Business Center Development

Our second program helps communities and organizations develop and manage a business center. From a secure physical space to online support, our program is designed to foster entrepreneurship, collaboration, and economic success. This model elevates the heart of the business community and provides organizations, such as Chambers of Commerce, with a social enterprise that generates income to offset operating expenses.

Join Us

We invite you to attend the introduction to our new community programs. Discover how you can cultivate a thriving business community in the heart of your downtown.

Let’s work together to grow businesses, strengthen communities, and make a lasting impact.

About The Cultivate Founder – Matt Yerkes

Matt Yerkes has been an entrepreneur for 20 years and founded Cultivate based on the belief that for most of us, entrepreneurship is the best opportunity that we have to change the trajectory of our life in a way that will impact our family for generations.

Matt’s entrepreneur experience has been rooted in marketing, web and software technology but has also included commercial real estate development, hospitality, food service and nonprofits. Matt advises hundreds of businesses each year in the areas of their business launch, sales strategy and digital marketing.