November 6th 9:30am-10:30am



Gary Ross- Business Coach

Gary Ross is a CEO experienced in leading the growth of software, technology and service businesses from startup to $150M in revenues. Gary coaches small business owners and executives, and has launched a free software tool that enables an entrepreneur to plan out their new startup idea, and engage with Gary as their coach.  Gary utilizes concepts from his new book, The Growth Cube, to help accelerate revenues. Gary has also recently founded and launched a new healthcare software startup called Med-Compliance IQ.


David Braughler- Founder and CEO of Braughler Books

 He works with authors, organizations and executives to help them turn their stories and expertise into published books. Over the last nine years, he’s worked individually with more than 500 authors on nearly 400 titles. David has partnered with authors in the U.S., Spain and Australia on books ranging from self-help and memoirs to business topics and personal essays. He’s a frequent speaker at regional and national conferences, and is a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association.


John S. Farhat- Fractional CTO

I have owned and run businesses for the past 21 years.  Having started my career as a consultant for large companies like Nationwide, Nestle, Borden, etc... I started my first company in 1997.  We did software services for Y2K.  After a couple of iterations of software development, creation of web site management tools (which were 10 years ahead of their time - so we couldn't sell them...), and transitioned to Cloud company in 2003.  I was there till 2015, and decided to start FSCIX (Farhat Services), to specifically help advise clients on all things strategic in IT.  I am currently working with 2 other startups as CTO to help the first develop an offering in agricultural lease management and financial ratings, and the other is a more social media oriented offering that's new and a bit different than everything else out there.


Demetrius Robinson, Esq.- Business Tax & Law Attorney

Demetrius is the managing attorney of Robinson Legal Group, Ltd. located in downtown Columbus, Ohio. The firm focuses exclusively on helping small business owners navigate the complexities of business and tax law. He understands the difficulties that small businesses face and wants to be a trusted Advisor for you, as you grow and develop your business. Demetrius offers a variety of services including navigating entity selection, review and drafting of business agreements, assistance with tax obligations, development of tax saving strategies, and legal counsel for dealing with employee relations.


Heather Yakes - Business Coach

Heather Yakes has been a business strategy leader in multi-billion Global Fortune 500 companies, Big 4 Consulting Groups, as well as small and medium start-up companies for over 20+ years.  Heather has her business degree from The Ohio State University, her MBA from Capital University and is a Certified Business Coach.  Heather was recently named Master Coach by Action Coach, which is a prestigious title only offered to a handful of Coaches.  Coach Heather has worked with all types of clients in diverse industries including accounting, law, communications, marketing, pharmacy, heating & cooling, lumber, and print - just to name a few!
Heather typically coaches business owners who have been in business for 3+ years.  In this meetup, Heather can coach business owners through strategies in any number of areas: marketing, growing leads, financials, growing and cultivating healthy teams, how to grow profit, vision/mission clarity, wealth-building opportunities and franchising just to name a few.  Come to this session with an area or two that you would like to focus on and be ready to take notes!    

Rick Hulse- Tech Assistance Planning For Startups

Rick is President of Rampart, a technology firm based at Cultivate.  Rick works with established small and medium–sized businesses, and extensively with the startup community, to provide Managed IT Services, Cybersecurity, Datacenter relationships, Cloud Solutions, Web and Mobile Application Development, Websites, Hosting, Tech Support and Technology Consulting.  If you are looking to build or renew your technology approach for your business and plan to incorporate any of these offerings, come speak with Rick to think it through!


Matt Yerkes - Business Funding

Matt Yerkes is the founder of Cultivate, providing coaching and work space for startups. Matt launched his first SaaS business in 2001. Matt has started a range of successful endeavors with a passion of helping Cultivate business startups. If your business needs funding for working capital, facilities, equipment or is just challenged with bridging short term capital then Cultivate can help with our FundOhio platform.