New Member Thank You

What to expect: Thank you for submitting your Cultivate Membership Application! Our team will complete your onboarding, initiate business connections for you, configure your elearning access and begin inviting you to our events. If you have selected a paid membership option then our team will send you a link to our billing system. Your onboarding involves multiple team members and may take us several hours to complete so please allow 1-3 business days.  If you need immediate assistance please email grow@cultivateworks.org OR call us at 614-957-0777.

Onboarding Steps that we perform for all members:

  • Add you to our email list to be notified of upcoming presentations and workshops
  • Configure your access to our Cultivate Works e-learning platform
  • Add you to the Members area of our website
  • Tabulate your Growth Track Score and use that to create business connection matches to resources
  • If your business provides services to other businesses then we will contact you to further develop your business profile so that we can refer our members to you

Cultivate is a 501c3 Nonprofit that receives funding from our community partners. That funding is what allows us to offer our support at a low cost or often no cost.