Linking your website to Google Analytics might seem intimidating, but it’s easier than you would expect. Setting it up will give you more information about who visits your website, allowing you to better understand your customers and build customer trust.

How-To Guide

  1. Go to analytics.google.com 
  2. Sign in with your Google account and click Start Measuring
  3. Create an account name (this can be the name of your business), ensure all the boxes are checked, and click next
  4. Select the web option and click next
  5. Fill out the name of your website, your industry, and your timezone
  6. Click create and accept the term of service
  7. Copy the tracking code 
  8. Go to your website and find the <head> code. Most WordPress sites will have a built in section for this.
  9. Paste the tracking code and save your changes

That’s all it takes! Once you’ve verified your site, it will take some time to gather the data, but you will eventually have access to tools showing how many visitors and sessions you have had over time, as well as information about your demographics and site views. These insights will allow you to better understand who your customers are and how to improve your trust-building process.