Turnkey MVP (minimum viable software product)

Any startup planning their launch, especially software oriented startups, need to begin with a version that delivers value to the client but is pared down to the minimum product that can still achieve this result. Once this first version is deployed with a client then future iterations are created that incorporate lessons learned and feedback from the client. Cultivate has all of the resources under one roof to assist you to plan and deploy the MVP (minimum viable product) and we can “Turnkey” that for you.

Our team has first-hand experience launching and growing software and technology startups. Our single source solution cuts your time to market with reliably built and scalable software along with a dependable IT team and our real-world business coaching expertise. Our affordable services assist you with these key services under one-roof from our Central Ohio business incubator space.

  • Onsite expert software development team
  • Co-work with us while incubating
  • Point to point fiber to data center/internet no added cost (coming soon)
  • Cloud, virtual or dedicated servers

About Cultivate. Cultivate provides coaching and workspace for startups. Founder Matt Yerkes,  launched his first SaaS business called Honeycomb Archive in 2001 with an idea and a shoestring budget. He built the company entirely debt free using cash from customer revenue to over a million in sales. In 2015 this business sold to a strategic buyer. Matt has started a wide range of other successful endeavors with a passion of helping Cultivate business startups. His expertise is particularly geared toward b-to-b software, digital asset management, rich media files, e-learning, enterprise level sales, hosted web applications, business planning and cash projections, developing software business requirements and project management.

About Our Development Team: Our development team is an experienced B2B tech services company focused on mobile and web application design and development, custom business application development, managed IT services, technical support for business computer networks and devices, and all web hosting needs. This team was recognized in Business First’s 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 Book of Lists as one of the Top 25 web and application development firms in Central Ohio.

  • Mobile App Development
  • Website Design, Development & Application Hosting
  • Specialty Application and Tool Development
  • Network and Mobile Tech Support
  • Security (Firewall, Virus, and Spyware/Malware protection

The team is adept at working with the latest code, operating systems, platforms, databases, and frameworks including:  HTML5, JavaScript, JSON, Ajax, Node.JS, PHP, MySQL, .NET, SQL, C#, WordPress, Unity, iOS, Android, PhoneGap, Magento, and more.