Grass roots help for aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses

Need some expertise and mentoring so you can focus on your business? Wondering who to turn to for Sales Strategy, Budget planning? Financial advice? Strategic Vendors? Building a website?

Join the hundreds of businesses that grow through productive training, healthy connections and fruitful referrals as members of Cultivate.

Take our free assessment and your business will be matched with Cultivate workshops and networking opportunities.

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Plant - Complete the Cultivate Discovery Assessment

The answers you provide help sow the seeds of a bountiful future for your small business. You’ll find questions about your business’s characteristics and challenges to help our team identify what programs and workshops are a fit for you.

Water - Nourishment through connections

Our team enters your responses into the Cultivate Connection Platform. This nourishes your business by matching your needs with support from locally owned service businesses––so you can focus on what you do best. If there’s no local option, we will find one outside your community.

Grow - Become a Cultivate Member

Let those connections and training resources take root and help your business grow by becoming a member of Cultivate. If your business is located in a sponsored Cultivate Community then we will provide our annual Basics membership at no cost to you.

GARY L. SIGRIST - Safeguard Risk Solutions

Cultivate has helped our business grow by bringing together like-minded entrepreneurs to hear presentations on a wide range of topics, as well as providing one on one guidance from Matt that helps us on the 'business' part of our company.  One of our better business decisions was joining the team at Cultivate.

Nathan Leber - Leber Design & Print

Cultivate is a wealth of knowledge and resources for any startup/entrepreneur. You get sound leadership from people that have legitimate business experience who freely give of their experiences and contacts, as well as being in a collaborative environment with real-world help. This isn't just a bunch of good ideas, it is tried and true experience paired with unparalleled generosity.

Renee Tyack - Capital Plus

First and foremost, Cultivate has a feeling of momentum and drive that is palpable. The office space is beautiful but moreover, it’s the programming, the people, the conversations, and the collaborations that make this place unique. It’s a community of high level performers exceeding expectations and driving each other forward. Matt Yerkes has created a place that inspires people to deliver, challenge, drive, and succeed. Matt and I have worked together for almost 2 years, I am forever grateful for the clarity he brings to complex business challenges.