Cultivate Ohio Small Business Communities

At Cultivate, we're dedicated to creating positive impacts in communities through our innovative business solutions. A thriving community starts with supporting local businesses, so we work closely with communities to develop networks of essential local business resources or ecosystems. We aim to connect small businesses to these reputable resources within their community, ensuring that revenue stays within the community and positively impacts the local economy. By fostering sustainable growth in communities across Ohio, we are committed to making a difference. Join us in our mission to support and empower small businesses. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your community thrive.

Cultivate Ohio Small Business Ecosystems

Cultivate Ohio Small Business Ecosystems- in collaboration with community partners & service providers, Cultivate provides business training and connections as part of an entrepreneur support ecosystem in several communties throughout Ohio. These collaborations are possible through a combination of funding that our non-profit receives and is matched by our local partners. Explore an Entrepreneur Ecosystem in your community.

Upcoming Events & Advisor Sessions:

Meet with a specialist advisor – appointments to discuss your most pressing business needs

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Connect to Small Business Service Providers

Business management tasks often take up much of a small business owner's time and energy, pulling you away from your passion. We understand this struggle and offer outsourcing services to help you stay focused on what you do best. Our approach is simple – we make referrals by matching your needs with support from locally owned service businesses. Outsourcing these needs frees up your time and energy, allowing you to focus on growing your business. If no local options are available, we will help you find a service provider close to your community, ensuring you receive the support you need regardless of location. 

Types of Entrepreneurs We Frequently Serve

Training, consulting and personal coaches that are paid for their knowledge and process.
Contractors and skilled trades that need a business address and space for office tasks and team meetings.
Small creative, technology businesses that need to collaborate with their team and clients.

Lodging & tourism related small businesses that need digital marketing, funding & advising support.

Financial planners, wealth managers, CPA and book keepers that need a private place to meet with clients.

GARY L. SIGRIST - Safeguard Risk Solutions

Cultivate has helped our business grow by bringing together like-minded entrepreneurs to hear presentations on a wide range of topics, as well as providing one on one guidance from Matt that helps us on the 'business' part of our company.  One of our better business decisions was joining the team at Cultivate.

Nathan Leber - Leber Design & Print

Cultivate is a wealth of knowledge and resources for any startup/entrepreneur. You get sound leadership from people that have legitimate business experience who freely give of their experiences and contacts, as well as being in a collaborative environment with real-world help. This isn't just a bunch of good ideas, it is tried and true experience paired with unparalleled generosity.

Renee Tyack - Capital Plus

First and foremost, Cultivate has a feeling of momentum and drive that is palpable. The office space is beautiful but moreover, it’s the programming, the people, the conversations, and the collaborations that make this place unique. It’s a community of high level performers exceeding expectations and driving each other forward. Matt Yerkes has created a place that inspires people to deliver, challenge, drive, and succeed. Matt and I have worked together for almost 2 years, I am forever grateful for the clarity he brings to complex business challenges.