Ensure Your Business’s Compliance: Navigating The Corporate Transparency Act

Are you ready to submit the BOI for your business before the deadline? Cultivate Works! in collaboration with KJK will be hosting a webinar on the Corporate Transparency Act, designed specifically for small businesses. This session will cover the essentials: identifying entities required to file Beneficial Owner Information with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, understanding what information needs to be reported, and clarifying who qualifies as Beneficial Owners and Company Applicants. Participants will also receive actionable advice on fulfilling reporting requirements, learn about important compliance deadlines, and explore potential penalties for non-compliance.

Presenter: Samantha Circa/Associate KJK

Samantha Cira is a highly skilled associate within KJK’s Corporate & Securities, Private Equity, M&A, and Start-Ups & Capitalization practice groups. She is committed to understanding her clients’ businesses, aiming to provide effective solutions tailored to meet their specific needs and enhance their overall success. Notably, Samantha possesses in-depth knowledge of the complexities of the Corporate Transparency Act and actively works with businesses to ensure compliance. Her commitment to excellence and comprehensive understanding of legal nuances make her an invaluable asset in delivering legal services to our clients.