Traction, Momentum, Startups…Oh My

Everyone has ideas. Few pursue them due to the fear of the unknown. Well let’s get educated! Dan Rockwell, CEO and Co Founder of Big Kitty Labs will give you the inside knowledge every developer wishes you had. Shave thousands off your next idea to realization aspect with some simple rules and logical thinking. Its not tech in your way to realizing your next big idea- its kinda you, and them, and the rest of everything. In this talk we’ll go thru the roles of you, the client, your mindset, and us, the developers, and we’ll help you realize how to talk to us and how we see you and what you can do to save a lot of money along the way.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Roles and Mindsets of Clients (you) and Developers, Designers
  • Why Where You are Now Matters to Where You Wanna Go
  • Vital People Skills and Simple Tricks to Save You Money
  • Why Doing Your Homework Benefits You, Your Sanity, and Your Future

Join us, and Cultivate some knowledge!

Speaker: Dan Rockwell, CEO & Co-Founder Big Kitty Labs

Dan is a respected leader in start-up circles as well as a thought leader for all businesses that want to embrace new ideas and culture in their organizations. His passion for innovation, new ideas and using technology to drive change is at the core of his ability to envision the possible behind the impossible.

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