Made In Madison

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Are you a maker, crafter or baker/chef of a food product? Do you sell on your own website, Facebook, Etsy, craft shows or at boutique shops? Made in Madison is the Cultivate program to help entrepreneurs in Madison County. We can help you to:

  • Ecommerce setup & support to sell in person, on Facebook or your own ecommerce site
  • Workspace, studios or commercial kitchens to produce or fulfill your product
  • A business street address for website credibility, food labels, SEO and product returns
  • Photographers, designers, copy writers & marketing experts to help you tell your story
  • Marketing & ecommerce workshops & support to improve your brand and sell using multiple online channels
  • Order fulfillment for customers to “pickup in store” at locations across Central Ohio

If you are a Maker – We want to meet with you for a free discovery consultation to help you on a pathway to increase revenue.

If you are a Creator (photographer, designer, etc) – We want to connect you to our members.

We are excited to hear how Cultivate can help your small or emerging business! Please complete our inquiry form and we will follow up with how we can best be of service to you.

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